CATR Radar­ Test System UTP 5069

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CATR Radar­ Test System UTP 5069

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CATR Radar Test System UTP 5069

Testing of large radar sensors with CATR technology

Modern driver assistance systems must increasingly recognize more complex traffic scenarios and implement them in appropriate vehicle reactions with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and specific algorithms. Therefore, radar sensors with higher spatial resolution, known as “imaging radar sensors,” are required. These are better able to distinguish larger objects from small ones and, due to the greater antenna apertures, also require greater dimensions of the test environment or greater far field distances.

Testing these sensors in the direct far field (UTP 5065) would therefore require very large absorber chambers with a size of up to ten meters and more.

Our efficient testing system UTP 5069 offers just the suitable solution here:

4-D, imaging and other radar sensors with large far field distances are calibrated to a small floor space through the use of CATR Technology (Compact Antenna Test Range). With the extremely low-reflection NOFFZ absorber chamber, the system is suited not only for validation but for EOL tests as well.


Reflection analysis

Traditional measurement chamber

with multiple ­reflections

NOFFZ measurement chamber

with outstanding absorption quality


Features & Specifications

The testing system is optimized for production and makes it easy to transition from development to mass production.

CATR system

Radar target simulators

Far-field distances

Absorber chamber

Fully automatic in-line superstructures

Measurements and calibration

Radar target simulation: Efficient testing of high-resolution radar sensors through integrated parabolic reflectors in a compact environment


Innovative functional testing and calibration of fully assembled, high-resolution radar sensors through modern CATR technology

Compact design with a small footprint by integrating a parabolic reflector (< 3.5 sqm floor area) of various manufacturers

Outstanding absorption quality of the test chamber

High-precision two-axle movement of the radar sensor around the radiation center (azimuth and elevation) depending on position precision and cycle time, optionally with goniometer or robot

Integration of the radar target simulation of various manufacturers for environment simulation in the frequency range between

Quick-change adapter for shorter setup times during changes in the sensor variant

Short handling times and optimal loading and unloading through additional robots or pick and place systems


Testing software UTP Suite for the Radar Test System UTP 5069

Screenshot of our testing software UTP Suite for the Radar Test System UTP 5069

Safety first.
Test your radar sensors directly in the far field.
As early as validation of later, with End-of-Line.
Our modular solution is efficient and absolutely safe.

We care deeply about the safety of all road users. Our highly sensitive test systems for radar sensors and high-performance computing deliver reliable results.
Without exception.

Ultimately, only one thing counts: The functionality of your product.
Our testing systems deliver precise results.
For certain. For your best quality.

The production of the future communicates and processes data. We integrate 4.0 technologies. You master upcoming challenges. Intuitive and user-friendly – like our applications.


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