Product validation

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Product validation

Detecting errors before series production

The goal during product development is to have a safe and functioning product at the end of the development process.

The earlier errors are discovered during the development process, the sooner they can be corrected. It helps the development team avoid a lot of follow-up work and unnecessary expenses. Furthermore, it prevents market launch delays, recalls and, ultimately, warranty claims.

Therefore, we record a multitude of parameters with high precision during the early stages of prototype testing and initial small series. We also test your prototypes under environmental influences at this stage. Additionally, we perform endurance tests, such as typical 3600-hour tests and stress tests, taking all relevant standards and guidelines into account.

Verify the functionality of your products

We consider the fact that the DUTs (Device under Test) can still be very different at this early stage. This is exactly why our test systems for validation are modular and very flexible:

You can also use our validation test setups on the same platform for your production tests at a later stage. To do this, we adapt the test procedures we have developed and our test software. Of course, this makes it easy to expand the scope with additional new interfaces, automated functions, special procedures as well as appropriate handling for the systems.