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ADAS & Radar

Test solutions for the highest quality requirements

New camera and sensor technologies are currently becoming standard features in the automotive industry. These vehicles use highly sensitive cameras as well as LiDAR and radar sensors that simultaneously capture the environment while driving and interact with the rest of the vehicle systems. So, a fully automated “robotaxi” without a driver isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Besides major legal hurdles, we also need to overcome many significant testing technology hurdles.

For the safety of your challenging applications

Currently, highly efficient advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are by far the leading technology when it comes to safety of drivers, vehicles, and their environment. The more functions the advanced driver-assistance system takes over, the more scenarios and borderline cases have to be considered. Therefore, the highest precision and reliability of these sensors are of immense, if not vital, importance.

Currently, many individual electronic control units (ECUs) are still installed in vehicles. However, the (electrical/electronic) E/E configuration of future vehicle systems is changing with increasing complexity: Intelligent sensor systems will be combined in domain-specific control units (DCUs) that ensure efficient networking and precise information transfer. For these future centralized configurations, vehicles will require high-performance computers (HPCs). Consequently, much more comprehensive test systems will have to be used.

The development of complex, highly innovative test systems for individual sensors (such as radar, LiDAR, and cameras) as well as for complete control units is one of our core competencies.

With our efficient tests, you can easily ensure the vital reliability and high quality of your sensitive automotive components.