Line Test Box LTB 1024

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Line Test Box LTB 1024

Flexible voltage and current monitoring in A2B®-networks

The Automotive Audio Bus (A2B®) by Analog Devices Inc. reduces the complexity of audio systems. In addition to the automotive industry, it is also increasingly used in other areas such as conference systems. We have specifically developed a line measuring device for this A2B®-technology:
The Line Test Box LTB 1024.

This compact device reliably measures bus voltage and bus current between A2B®-nodes during bus operation. In addition, you can use the innovative box to simulate faults on both A2B®–lines or to perform load simulations.


Features & Specifications

The connections of the Line Test Box LTB 1024 on the front and rear side


Functional diversity


No distortion

Various measurement setups

In this measurement configuration, the LTB 1024 is placed between a master and a slave device for current and voltage measurement,
whereby the master device is simulated by the NOFFZ Infotainment Test Device ITD 1024


Datasheet Line Test Box 1024

A2B® solves audio design challenges.
Simulation and testing of nodes in the network.
Use up to 32 audio channels in real time.
Optimized for long-term testing and automation.

Automotive devices must be reliable.
Combine all products and
measuring instruments in just one rack for validation.
Test devices with high channel counts in parallel.

An entire mobile network at the work table.
Emulate the cellular mobile environment that you need.
Test your wireless devices more easily than ever before.
Parallel from 2G to 5G and extensively endurance tested.

Larger displays and increasing connectivity.
Improved technologies are setting a rapid pace.
These innovations require intelligent test systems.
We create your individual solution with high precision.