Radar Test System UTP 5065

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Radar Test System UTP 5065

Compact testing of radar sensors in the direct far field

In the automobile sector, radar sensors are key elements in implementing autonomous driving. Whether for detecting the vehicle’s surroundings or its interior – the need for new radar sensors is constantly growing.
For this reason, large-scale production, complete automation, and short cycle times and space-saving designs are necessary.

Our proven radar test system UTP 5065 is especially designed for state of the art measurements and sensor calibrations. The ultimate low-reflection absorber chamber delivers precise results to that end. This makes the system an efficient modular solution for your validation and end-of-line tests.


Reflection analysis

Traditional measurement chamber

with multiple­ reflections

NOFFZ measurement chamber

with outstanding absorption quality


Features & Specifications

Radar Sensor

Absorber chamber

Radar target simulator

Fully automatic in-line superstructures

Measurements and calibration

Radar target simulation: Efficient testing of radar sensors in a compact environment with great target distances and various target parameters.


Both the design of the testing system UTP 5065 and the selection of components deliver optimal results for highly precise and cost-efficient tests of radar sensors.

Compact vertical design: 70% less floor space than a horizontal test construction

Outstanding absorption quality of the test chamber

High-precision two-axle movement of the radar sensor around the radiation center (azimuth and elevation)
optionally with goniometer or robot

Integration of the radar target simulation of different manufacturers with corresponding frequency ranges from

Short handling times and optimal loading and unloading of the testing system are ensured through additional robots and pick and place systems


Space-saving vertical series construction

Simply & intuitive

Operating the
Radar Test System UTP 5065

Our dashboard, briefly explained

You’ll get a glimpse into controlling the radar system with the help of our software UTP Suite. We’ll show you the simple operation and test sequence through our intuitive UTP dashboard.

All advantages at a glance

End-of-Line Tester
for automotive radar sensors

Extremely low-reflection absorber chamber

See all the advantages of our testing system at a glance The UTP 5065 offers the necessary flexibility and adjustability for the validation and production test of modern radar sensors.


Testing software UTP Suite for the Radar Test System UTP 5065

Screenshot of our testing software UTP Suite for the Radar Test System UTP 5065

One of our core competencies:
the validation of your new products.
Reliably secure the market readiness of your ideas.

Ultimately, only one thing counts: The functionality of your product.
Our testing systems deliver precise results.
For certain. For your best quality.

We care deeply about the safety of all road users. Our highly sensitive test systems for radar sensors and high-performance computing deliver reliable results. Without exception.


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Intuitive and user-friendly – like our applications.


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