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Ensuring quality of new products and detecting final defects

At the end of the production process is your finished product. But does it meet your high quality requirements and, above all, is it completely free of defects? Our semi-automatic and fully automatic end-of-line test benches provide you with extremely precise answers to these questions and reliable results.

NOFFZ EOL test benches are used directly at the end of the assembly or production line. With their help, we instantly test your new products for full functionality in operating mode. Fully automated test benches significantly increase throughput and ensure larger quantities while reducing test time and costs..

Ultimately, only one thing matters: The best quality of your products

We will find the right test concept for your production and your product. Our portfolio is highly diversified. It includes everything from multiple adapters for parallel testing to fully automated operation using robotics.

Integration of our test systems into your existing production lines or existing handling systems is also possible at any time – as is the connection to your own database.

As an alternative to EOL systems, our automation technology specialists also develop fully integrated in-line systems that can be fitted precisely into your production sequence.