Test Rack UTP 7033 RF for validation

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Test Rack UTP 7033 RF for validation

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Test Rack UTP 7033 RF for validation

Parallel testing of multiple DUTs with high RF channel count

Our basic test rack UTP 7033 (33 rack units) is intended for equipping with various products and therefore for various application areas.
The rack shown here as an example is prepared with products and measurement instruments to test automotive devices with high channel count.

Test efficiently!

Modern vehicles are equipped with a variety of innovative vehicle control units that contain the latest technologies and standards. To test these ground-breaking components, we offer a turnkey solution for validation testing environments with an RF distribution: our test rack UTP 7033. Multiple DUTs are tested in parallel over long periods under various environmental factors.

The test rack UTP 7033 RF was originally developed to validate modern automotive devices with high channel counts and a high technology range. But it can also be used for development or production scenarios. With the rack, long-term tests can be performed simultaneously.


Test rack UTP 7033 for testing automotive components

Loading the validation test rack sUTP 7033 for testing automotive components


Features & Specifications

The test rack is especially suited to modern automotive devices with high channel counts and a high technology range

Typical range of functions

Bidirectional vehicle communication

Long-term tests

Simultaneous tests


Measurements and calibration


Turnkey solution for simultaneously testing multiple DUTs with an antenna count ≥ 14

Size and dimensions

Signal distribution



Integrated functions

An entire mobile network at the work table.
Emulate the cellular mobile environment that you need.
Test your wireless devices more easily than ever before.
Parallel from 2G to 5G and extensively endurance tested.

Modify satellite trajectories. Simulate environments. Generate a variety of realistic multiband GNSS signals. Define your parameters individually and test them with high precision.
Directly in the lab and in real time.

One of our core competencies:
the validation of your new products.
Reliably secure the market readiness
of your ideas.

Larger displays and increasing connectivity. Improved technologies are setting a rapid pace. These innovations require intelligent test systems. We create your individual solution with high precision.


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