Board-level test

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Testing printed circuit boards in the application context

Board-level test

Detecting defects before they are incorporated into the final product 

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are an important component of every electronic product. With their electrical paths, they ensure functionality of the respective device. Therefore, it is extremely important that printed circuit boards work properly. We offer a wide range of solutions for testing these PCBs.

Test solutions from the smallest board

For efficient and reliable testing, complex PCBs are configured with special test points in addition to the actual product or system interfaces. These test points are then contacted via individual pin bed adapters, which we specially adapt to your PCBs. The reaction of the PCB to simulated digital or analog signals, triggered sensors, or voltage interruptions is then precisely tested with the help of our UTP test software


Our NOFFZ test solutions are designed to be scalable, allowing you to upgrade manual test stations to fully automated systems for high-volume production at any time.
By using exchangeable cartridges, our UTP testers can be adapted for other DUTs of a product family, if required. Of course, shielded adapters can also be used for the optimized test environment of wireless standards of your products.
Parallel testing of several DUTs in one test system is also possible. This significantly increases full utilization of your production area and measurement technology. Moreover, we also frequently combine board-level testers with flash functionality as well as other technologies such as audio, video, or display tests and various bus technologies.