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Base Station Emulator sUTP 5018

Private mobile network emulator from 2G to 5G

Bring a whole mobile network to your lab or production: NOFFZ Base Station Emulator (BSE) creates a customized cellular wireless environment. This makes testing wireless devices easier than ever before.
Compact, cost-effective testing of multiple DUTs in parallel from 2G to 5G, including endurance testing for several days.

Designed for modern automotive devices with high channel count

Validation of mobile devices such as telematics control units (TCUs), new generation V2X communication modules, smartphones or IoT mobile interfaces requires replication of complex RF test scenarios in the lab. In addition to traditional use cases in the areas of telematics, infotainment, and smart city, new test and characterization requirements of mobile radio interfaces are emerging. And now also in the field of electromobility:
Modern e-charging stations also have cellular interfaces that connect wirelessly to the cellular network. They transmit relevant availability data in real time to the vehicle or to the driver’s cell phone, who can then ideally reserve the desired charging station directly.


Features & Specifications

Front and rear panel connectors of the Base Station Emulator sUTP 5018

Advantages of the emulator for private mobile networks

Cost efficiency

Change from a conventional box instrument to an SDR platform

Change from validation of a single DUT to a multi-DUT system

Up to a complete infotainment validation system with global navigation satellite system, broadcast, radio, and Bluetooth


Test just like in the real mobile network

Configure up to four different cells and connect up to 32 cellular modules in parallel: Your test object (UE, user equipment) can make voice calls, send and receive text messages, dial into neighboring mobile cells, or call emergency numbers, just like in any other real network!
In the BSE Manager software you can monitor the connections and the main parameters of the call status, e.g. signal-to-noise ratio, bit error rate, transmission power, RSSI, or the presence of correct logical channels.


Software for the Base Station Emulator

Configure various technologies, monitor UEs in a realistic, emulated mobile network

Für NB-IoT- und LTE-M-Zellen registrierte M2M-UEs


First steps with the Base Station Emulator

Practical implementation of typical test cases

The Base Station Emulator was developed for signaling tests in validation and production. The video series demonstrates typical scenarios: 1. Establishing a cellular connection, 2. Data transmission in 5G network, 3. Calls over VoIP, 4. Hand-over between mobile cells.


Datasheet sUTP 5018 Base Station Emulator


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