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IIoT applications

Industry Electronics

Test solutions for industrial automation

A new era has begun for industrial electronics with the introduction of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In Industry 4.0, all machines in a manufacturing plant are supposed to communicate with each other in a fully automated manner and ideally process the acquired data in real time.

New manufacturing plants, called “greenfields” in this context, are designed to be digital from the outset and already use the latest technologies to implement the IIoT.

However, existing hybrid plants, so-called “brownfields”, must be appropriately networked and retrofitted for the Industrial Internet of Things before communication between the machines and the processing of data from different sources can take place at all.

We offer the right software solution
for precisely these different challenges.

With our flexible software framework UTP Suite, we integrate test systems into your greenfield as well as brownfield setups. Our specialists factor in the OPC UA communication protocol and take care of connection and development for your PLCs from different manufacturers.

We design intuitive and user-friendly applications for your smart production. Of course, we also offer remote access to your testers and test results and a custom connection to your existing database or MES (Manufacturing Execution System). With preventive maintenance for reduced downtime of your efficient production facility.