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We bring your vision to life

Creative & innovative

NOFFZ develops custom-fit test and automation systems for you that completely fulfill the requirements you place on your new products.

In our Engineering Service division, our specialists work in close coordination to ensure innovative design and final implementation of special concepts and the latest technologies.

We develop quality-oriented hardware and software that is precisely tailored to your needs. It starts with initial drafts in electrical planning, construction as well as software and continues with a change request to incorporate additional wishes and requirements. Furthermore, variants are considered and, if necessary, feasibility studies are carried out for individual technologies and tasks.

Ultimately, these steps result in your unique test solution.

Whether you need individual assemblies, complete end products, test systems, or control systems for industrial plants
– NOFFZ plans, designs, and manufactures the full spectrum for you.
Upon request, we also handle software projects in various programming environments. The established standard software development environments that are used routinely for the development of our products include:

However, we also handle pure hardware projects, such as the development of sophisticated analog or digital interfaces. For complex requirements, we use suitable embedded solutions such as microcontrollers or signal processors, FPGA technology or CPLD components. This allows us to cover a wide range of tasks from customer-specific signal conditioning to standard products with a strong vertical integration. 

Our experienced team will always find the right solution for you.