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Our core competence: Finding solutions

We advise with a wealth of experience and sound expertise

NOFFZ Technologies develops custom-fit concepts that are completely tailored to your individual products and your production processes. Depending on the level of customization and the intended use of the products, the test & automation solutions are thus subject to fundamentally different requirements. Therefore, the design of our testers can be vary quite a bit, but our proprietary UTP – Universal Tester Platform still ensures a high level of standardization. And that is exactly why early predictive consulting is enormously important.

From the idea to the test system

This is how we proceed together with you

Good advice right from the start

Our experts start their support at the very beginning, namely in the design phase of your specific product for which a system or facility is supposed to be developed:

What happens after successful development?

Of course, our experienced employees are there for you during the entire tester and product life cycle.

No matter which area you need support with, we can help you with service, maintenance and support, traceability, and database analysis (incl. statistical evaluations). Moreover, we can help you implement process controls and prepare the testers for product or variant changes.