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Innovative automation solutions

Automation plays a crucial role in today’s industry. It aims to optimize and simplify processes by minimizing human interventions and instead employing machines and systems to accomplish tasks. We offer the opportunity to automate both manual handling of test systems and to develop fully automated rotary indexing systems, relying on customized solutions tailored to meet individual requirements.

More than just automated test sequences

Our wide range of automation solutions offers individual paths to optimize your manufacturing processes. From expanding existing test systems to implementing complete automation lines to developing highly complex systems in close collaboration with our partners – we support you with our NOFFZ experts. For various requirements, we have developed a modular system that reflects the different levels of automation and is flexible and adaptable.

Automation solutions tailored to your requirements

An overview of our modules

Optimization of existing test systems through automation extensions

Full automation with a turntable indexing machine/manufacturing plant

Complex automation systems in collaboration with our partners

Module 1: Basic Automation

Our solution offers an innovative expansion possibility for existing test systems. With the Basic module, we enable automation by integrating a portal, stage, or robot. This approach optimizes your existing workflows by reducing manual processes and increasing efficiency. By seamlessly integrating our automation technologies into your existing infrastructure, you maximize your investment and open up new possibilities for improved performance.

Optimization of existing test systems through automation extensions

With our Advanced Automation solution, we offer full automation of your manufacturing processes. Our rotary indexing machines and manufacturing plants enable efficient and reliable production by ensuring a seamless sequence of work steps. From material supply to final assembly, these systems enable smooth operation and maximize production capacity. With this module, you are ready to take your manufacturing to a new level of efficiency and performance.

Full automation with a rotary indexing/manufacturing plant

Our Professional Automation offers highly specialized solutions for demanding requirements. We work closely with our partners to develop tailored and highly complex automation systems. These solutions are designed to tackle even the most demanding challenges and provide the highest level of precision, efficiency, and reliability. Through our close collaboration with leading experts in this field, we can ensure that your individual requirements are fully met.

Inline test systems/complex automation systems also in collaboration with our partners

Efficient, consistent, scalable

Die Vorteile automatisierter Testsysteme


First steps with the Base Station Emulator

Practical implementation of typical test cases

The Base Station Emulator was developed for signaling tests in validation and production. The video series demonstrates typical scenarios: 1. Establishing a cellular connection, 2. Data transmission in 5G network, 3. Calls over VoIP, 4. Hand-over between mobile cells.


Automated UTP 6010 for Telematic Control Unit

Robot-controlled loading and unloading of the NOFFZ HF chamber

In this video, the control of the integrated HF chamber is automated with the help of a collaborating robot arm. It handles the opening and closing of the drawer as well as the insertion and removal of the Telematic Control Unit.


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Automotive devices must be reliable.
Combine all products and
measuring instruments in just one rack for validation.
Test devices with high channel counts in parallel.

Modify satellite trajectories. Simulate environments.
Generate a variety of realistic multiband GNSS signals. Define your parameters individually and test them with high precision. Directly in the lab and in real time.

Test wireless communication devices efficiently.
Designed for high volume parallel testing.
Multiple wireless standards combined in one system.
Use up to 64 ports simultaneously.

Larger displays and increasing connectivity.
Improved technologies are setting a rapid pace.
These innovations require intelligent test systems.
We create your individual solution with high precision.