Toenisvorst, June 7, 2022 Who doesn’t know that? During a long drive you must refuel in between. What used to be a small stopover of a few minutes at the gas station can now turn out to be a longer stay at the public charging station for electric vehicles. And that needs to be well planned, because the battery energy density of electric vehicles is currently much lower than that of fossil fuels.

If the remaining range is already short, the question now arises, where is the next charging station and, above all, is it still free? Sometimes you need an answer very quickly and, more importantly, very precisely. Therefore, modern e-charging stations have cellular interfaces that establish a wireless connection to the cellular network: This digital communication is used to transmit relevant availability data in real time to the vehicle or to the driver’s mobile phone, who can then ideally reserve the desired charging station directly. To ensure that this data transmission succeeds reliably, wireless connectivity to the different mobile communications standards worldwide must be tested in advance in specific test fields.

This is about the exchange of mobile data. In particular, the focus is on the interaction of the charging station’s mobile radio interface with the existing and available mobile radio network.


The NOFFZ Base Station Emulator ensures that IoT cellular interfaces can be easily validated in the laboratory or tested end-of-line. It creates precisely customizable cellular mobile environments for test and characterization requirements from 2G to 5G.

The BSE can then be used to perform a wide variety of functional tests, typically testing topics such as handover scenarios between different technologies, data upload and download, or outage scenarios.

Therefore, in addition to traditional use cases in the areas of telematics, infotainment and C-V2X, it is increasingly being used to test smart city components. NOFFZ Technologies develops and produces industry-leading test systems and automation solutions for the entire product development process from prototyping and validation to series production.

The company was founded in 1989, currently employs nearly 200 people at nine locations worldwide and supplies manufacturers in the automotive, telecommunications, IoT, consumer electronics, medical technology and semiconductor industries.

NOFFZ Technologies was recently named by Frost & Sullivan as Company of the Year 2021 in

Radar Test SystemeRadar Test Systems, Automotive, Europe. In fiscal years 2018 – 2020, the company generated average net sales of approximately $30 million and is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified., Automotive, Europe ausgezeichnet.