Biggest milestone in NOFFZ company history

Biggest milestone in NOFFZ company history:

Groundbreaking ceremony heralds the start of construction of the state-of-the-art NOFFZ Campus!

Tönisvorst, 27.10.2022/ The largest construction project in the more than 30-year history of NOFFZ Technologies GmbH officially starts today: On a site area of 15,500 square meters, a future-oriented new building is being constructed that will be both a development and production center. In the final stage of development, more than 300 employees will find their workplace there. Some preliminary work has already been underway for about a month, but now the time has come – today the ceremonial groundbreaking will take place on Vorster Strasse.

The construction of such a large company headquarters is not only for the builders themselves, but also for the region of Tönisvorst and the district of Viersen a huge project that does not come up every day. For many years, this is the largest commercial project at the Tönisvorst location, said in the run-up also business promoter Markus Hergett, who has been very committed to the construction project.

NOFFZ is expected to invest 11.5 million euros in the new NOFFZ Campus building. The modern building complex of the NOFFZ company headquarters includes development, administration, and manufacturing as well as a spacious garden area with a large launch terrace for the employees. The area covers a total of 15,500 square meters.

The planning of the building took several years and the result is a building perfectly designed for the company’s needs. It was important to the company to involve the entire workforce in their planning. In addition to specific suggestions from the various departments, there were also general wishes, such as the spacious green area, which will not only serve as a place of recreation, but also be a place for finding creative solutions. The large number of wishes, ideas and suggestions were not only very helpful in the planning phase, but also created a high level of identification with the new company building within the team from day one. Already today, every employee knows exactly where his or her workplace will be.

The office concept is based on the so-called combi-office, which allows both secluded working in small teams and promotes collaboration in a specially designed central zone. The high-quality, full-surface acoustically heated ceiling, coupled with a lush greenery concept, represents another highlight in the office spaces. During planning, the generation of tomorrow was already thought of today and targeted zones were created where a casual get-together in an informal atmosphere is made possible. The “Power-Napping Room” as a place of retreat rounds off the attractive working environment.

Generous expansion of the development laboratories and production hall

In addition to these feel-good factors, targeted investments are also being made in premises for research and development. The total of five laboratory rooms (more to be added during expansion) will be equipped with high-quality measurement technology and offer the possibility to perform complex measurements for state-of-the-art technologies. One of these laboratory rooms is a reflection-free room, which will be completely lined with absorber material, similar to a sound studio. In this special environment, sensitive measurements in the high frequency range can be performed.

NOFFZ will use this laboratory to expand its know-how in the field of autonomous driving (ADAS/AD) and connectivity (5G, CV2X). Furthermore, there will be a test field for high-voltage testing in the production hall, which is especially required in the field of e-mobility testing.

The production area will also be more spacious than before and will have considerably more space: The entire production hall is thus designed for the series production of test systems and the production of large-scale systems. The production of electronic modules and the space for mechanical processing will then also be expanded.


Sustainable construction

In terms of sustainability and energy efficiency, the building project sets new standards for commercial buildings of this type in the Viersen district. With the highest energy efficiency standard EG 40 EE and a full-surface photovoltaic system with an output of over 400kWp, the company’s vision of becoming climate-neutral is very close. E-charging columns provide the necessary energy for vehicles – initially 12 and later 20.

On site, at least 220 employees will then have sufficient space in the three-story building and the production hall to devote themselves to NOFFZ’s test and automation systems, probably starting in the summer of 2023.

The three NOFFZ managing directors Tobias Noffz, Manuel von Helden and Markus Solbach agree:

“Our employees and we are looking forward tremendously to our new place of action as a central development and production site with a leading function in the entire NOFFZ Group. We are sure that many new product and system ideas can be generated again and again in “think tanks”, through “hackathons” and many “brainstormings” in this beautiful environment. Thus, NOFFZ Technologies is and remains innovative and well positioned for the future. We would like to thank all project partners and especially the founding family/builders Wilfried and Petra Noffz – without them the project would not be feasible.”

Keyfacts Building:

Property: 15.500m²

Gross floor area building: 5.500m²

Workplaces: Up to 300

Investment volume: 11.5 million euros