Generational change in management


After 33 years, company founder Wilfried Noffz is handing over his company to a well-established team:

His son Tobias Noffz, Markus Solbach and Manuel von Helden will form the management team as a trio


Tönisvorst, July 1st, 2022/ “After 33 years, it’s now the turn of the next generation,” smiles Wilfried Noffz, company founder and managing director of the Tönisvorst technology company NOFFZ Technologies GmbH. “Back then, I started my own business as a small child in the basement of my family home, and although it was sometimes a struggle, I always enjoyed building the company.”

Wilfried Noffz ends his active professional life with a big farewell party and begins a new phase of life – retirement. Anyone who knows the engineer, however, can hardly imagine connecting the word rest with him. And he himself probably not quite. Therefore, he will continue to support his company in an advisory capacity and also oversee the large construction project of his own NOFFZ company building at the main location in Tönisvorst.

“We will soon be breaking ground for the construction of the new NOFFZ campus, and of course my father should definitely be there. After all, you don’t experience a milestone like this every day,” says Tobias Noffz, son of the company founder.


The succession plan was made several years ago with foresight and does not come as a surprise to the employees. Each of the three managing directors is at home in his area and very committed. Markus Solbach joined Noffz in 2007 as managing director and co-owner. Today he is responsible for strategies, marketing and sales. Tobias Noffz will continue to be responsible for Finance and Human Resources, Manuel von Helden for Engineering & Operations.

“The division into three focal points has absolutely proven its worth. We are a well-rehearsed team,” says Markus Solbach, “we will continue to act as equals in the future. We react quickly and flexibly and implement decisions quickly. Our goal is to continue to grow and to bring NOFFZ forward internationally.”

All those involved, especially Wilfried Noffz, can therefore look to the future with complete peace of mind and be sure that the company will continue to be run in the spirit of the founder. Retirement can’t really start any more pleasantly.